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McNish Video Diary

Allan McNish's Silverstone video diary
Allan McNish tells you the story of his up and down adventure in last weekend's AUTOSPORT 1000km at Silverstone, with the latest video diary in our exclusive series with the Audi driver

All through his sportscar year, Allan McNish has been delivering us his video diary. The last one came from Le Mans where he was caught up in the joy of Audi's triumph in the 24 Hours event.

Things were a little different in last weekend's AUTOSPORT 1000km at Silverstone, when he was forced to retire early when the #7 R15 TDI Plus suffered a diff failure. It was the first mechanical retirement for a turbo-diesel Audi since Sebring in 2006.

Up until then though, things had been going swimmingly for the car's first run in high downforce trim - well enough in fact for Allan to take his first pole position at Silverstone since the International F3000 race in 1990... But enough from us, click play above to hear McNish's take on the weekend.

Allan's diary was filmed on a Kodak Zi8 High Definition Pocket Video Camera

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