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How data can make you a better racing driver
Promoted story: Data logging is not just a feature reserved for those racing at the highest level of motorsport. Here's how tools such as the Racelogic VBox system can help all kinds of racers

  By Robert Ladbrook

Racelogic VBox data traces

Julian Thomas may be the founder of Racelogic, but he's also one of the biggest beneficiaries of the technology.

Using the VBox HD system Thomas has been able to substantially lower his lap times and increase his performance as a driver. The VBox system logs speed, racing lines and telemetry via GPS tracking, and is accurate to a few centimetres.

"When out on track everything happens so fast that it's near impossible to tell an improvement over either a single corner or a lap," says Thomas.

"The VBox instantly stores and calibrates all of the data using GPS tracking so you can review it immediately and highlight improvements, or areas that can be worked on. It gives you the bigger picture on how you drive.

"The key is to keep experimenting. I'll take different lines through a certain corner over 4-5 laps, come in and review what each change did to my sector time and the speed I could carry.

"By using this data you get the bigger picture of what is capable for a full lap as you can work out your ideal sectors and see how they flow into each other."

Data logging systems can be daunting to some drivers due to their technicality. Racelogic's main aim was to keep things simple and understandable.

"The system had to be accessible, so it's designed by racers, for racers," adds Thomas.

Here Thomas shows in detail how to get the most from his VBox products and how they can benefit you:

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